The Never-Ending Struggle

12. January 2023|

On a Monday morning seventy-seven years ago, on 6 August 1945 at 8:16 am local time, a nuclear bomb was detonated above an inhabited area, for the first time. It ...weiterlesen

The People vs. Paris

25. February 2019|

Not much at all, it turns out. As of press time, the yellow jackets have announced their intention [2] to proceed with “Act 4” of their protests this weekend, and ...weiterlesen

The Transatlantic Database

31. October 2018|

There is a platform in Austria called „Wer liefert Was“. There, interested parties can find out which products and services are available from which provider. Afterwards one knows what one ...weiterlesen

The Dike Breaks

30. October 2018|

The Netherlands have just announced that they are ending their support for al-Qaeda‘s propaganda gang, the ‘White Helmets’. They are also putting a stop to support for the so-called Free ...weiterlesen

For Tommy

10. October 2018|

Despite being submitted for the Cavling Prize – the most prestigious Danish journalist award – my father Tommy chose to go his own way to be in the front line for free ...weiterlesen

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