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Tracking the „Deep State“

Editor's note: In April 2018, Free21's founder and editor-in-chief, the late Tommy Hansen, traveled around Denmark with what turned out to be his last tour of talks: "Tracking the Deep State". At that time he was already very much marked by his illness, but undertook to ...weiterlesen

By |5. June 2019|

Memo for Angela Merkel

“We the undersigned are longtime veterans of U.S. intelligence. We take the unusual step of writing this open letter to you to ensure that you have an opportunity to be briefed on our views prior to the NATO summit on September 4-5. You need to know, ...weiterlesen

By |5. February 2015|

Operation Charlie Hebdo

A fully masked and special forces-equipped terrorist leaving his ID card in the abandoned getaway car after a highly organized ‘terror plot’. A policeman being executed with an AK47 at almost point blank range without any fragmentation of his head and skull, spilling of blood, damage ...weiterlesen

By |18. January 2015|

Washington’s Secret Agendas

One might think that by now even Americans would have caught on to the constant stream of false alarms that Washington sounds in order to deceive the people into supporting its hidden agendas. The public fell for the lie that the Taliban in Afghanistan are terrorists ...weiterlesen

By |6. October 2014|

No wars without oil – and no oil without wars

- Almost all wars are resource wars. The people are told all sorts of reasons, usually something with democracy and freedom, but basically it’s about rulers needing increasing amounts of oil to maintain their positions, says Swiss historian, Dr. Daniele Ganser. Since before World War II ...weiterlesen

By |3. September 2014|

The anti-terrorist exercises that came true

Four significant terrorist events since 2000 - in addition to the tragedies – have had one thing in common: In all four cases, official anti-terror exercises were held either just before or simultaneously with the ”real” terrorist acts. And in all four cases, authorities experienced almost ...weiterlesen

By |10. February 2014|
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